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Alopecia New Zealand is a place for Alopecia sufferers to learn more about their condition, to view new developments and to reach out and connect with others. The site is designed for alopecia sufferers by alopecia sufferers so please take the time to read through the site, join our social pages or email lists and also please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

In 2020 the Alopecia NZ Trust was formed, this website will be updated in with new branding, content and information as our trust grows and we continue to push for better support for alopecians.

As of June 2022, our petition to improve the wigs' subsidy has been passed to the Ministry Of Health to review the subsidy and that process will start in sometime in 2023 with more submissions and involvement of the community. Documents related to the petition are listed on our Contact page

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